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Elder Abuse Resources

ElderCare Rights Alliance is now part of Tubman.

If you’ve been abused or are concerned about someone you care about, please call our crisis line at 612.825.0000. In an emergency, always dial 911.

Between today and 2030, the population of 65 and over in Minnesota will double to represent at least 24% of the total state population. Such an increase will raise many issues and questions for seniors, their families and friends, and their caregivers.

Tubman currently offers legal advocacy to help elders (age 55 and older) who are the victims of general crimes (e.g., theft, vandalism) in certain cities in Washington County (Newport, St. Paul Park, and Cottage Grove). This program will be slowly expanding this program to other cities in Washington and Suburban Ramsey County. If you are an elder looking for legal advocacy because you were the victim of a crime, or, if you need information on filing a Harassment Restraining Order or an Order for Protection, please call us at 612-825-3333 and ask for a legal advocate.