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Substance Use Relapse Prevention Group


Tubman is now offering a NEW Relapse Prevention Group for individual adults who identify as women, beginning Spring 2023.

2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Mondays, 12-week program
Open to adults 18+ who identify as women
Via Telehealth (Zoom)
Private and public insurance accepted, no chemical health assessment required


This 12-week group is designed for women who identify as being in recovery from substance use and would like to engage in a professionally facilitated, structured, time-limited group environment to strengthen their sobriety. A relapse may be a prompting event for attending this group, but members may also just be interested in ongoing recovery support.

Our group curriculum draws on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness, life skills, skills to help build healthy relationships and prioritize safety in relationships, and psychoeducation regarding substance use and mental health disorders. Our facilitators strive to provide a person-centered, trauma-informed environment. Our clinical content does not include 12-Step programming or meetings, however we encourage and support clients to pursue any long-term recovery community that resonates with them, and to share about their individual recovery path in the group process.

To Register: 

If you are already a Tubman client, ask your individual therapist about being enrolled in the group.

If you are not already established with Tubman, call our Intake Department at 612-870-2426 to request an intake appointment for the Substance Use Relapse Prevention group.

Having an individual therapist is not required for attending the group, but if you are interested we can provide referrals.