Youth Opinions: Friendships, support, and partners

Youth Opinions: Friendships, support, and partners

We love hearing from students and youth in the community. This week we had the opportunity to chat with a couple more teens about their perspectives on healthy relationships, advice, support, and friendships.

What traits are most important to you in a friendship? 
16: Loyalty, kindness, emotional, not too clingy because that's jealousy.
18: Outgoing, nice, likes to do stuff, adventurous.

What traits in friendships are “dealbreakers” for you?
: When they do sneaky stuff, talk behind your back.

How would you support a friend if they were in a relationship with a bunch of drama or unhealthy traits?
16: Leave that if you want to.
18: It usually depends on the situation. They tell me about their relationship and I ask why they’d want to be with them. Sometimes people get out of relationships and then go back, they can do them though. It depends on the situation. 

How are friends supportive to you?
18: Different friends support in different ways. I tell some friends some things and others I won't.

Who supports you in your life?
16: My mom, auntie, and grandpa.

What advice would you give your younger self about relationships?
16: It’s okay that certain people that I choose to be with wouldn't be the right person in the end. 
18: Really get to know a person. Hang out with them a couple times to find out what they’re like and if I like them. I hate drama.

What does drama mean to you?
18: People who are always finding problems.

What does the term “healthy relationship” mean to you?
A great bond of friendship.
18: Not fighting a lot. Or arguing too much.

What traits do you look for in a partner?
: Good communication, understanding, nice.

What is important to you about communication?
18: Some people get mad and don’t talk. You don’t know why they’re mad. I try to tell them straight up 'do you want to talk or not?" 

Are there any resources in the community that you know about?
18: Usually everything that was given to me - I have a lot of handouts that I've gotten. I have a stack of folders.