Feeling Good - Staff Perspectives

We’re continuing with our conversations about what makes us feel good in different ways. Feeling good can be physical, emotional, mental, or however else you interpret it! This week at a monthly meeting we asked some staff to share what they like to do in their lives to feel good. Below are some of the things our staff shared:

  • Making time for self-care – even at 5 in the morning if needed! A set amount of time daily can be helpful.
  • Long walks, getting outside in general, feeling sunshine, and listening to sounds of nature
  • Getting lost in new series on Netflix and other streaming services where you can watch a bunch of episodes whenever you want
  • Videogames: finding time to play these games for distraction, relaxation, and spending time with the kids!
  • Cleaning up and organizing in general an office space or living space
  • Gardening and landscaping – both actively participating in those activities, and also just looking at plants and flowers and beautiful things: “Anything that’s pushing through the ground makes me feel so happy!”
  • Shopping (but this can be dangerous for a wallet sometimes!)
  • Positive self-talk – celebrating accomplishments, saying kind things to self, and being silly
  • Being by water can be so calming. On or a near lake.
  • Watching cooking shows! And also cooking.
  • Enjoying Chai Tea Lattes or healthy green juices
  • Participating in groups for fun meals, support, and laughter
  • Spending time with pets
  • Listening to and making music
  • Comedy and humor!
  • Drinking enough water
  • Taking breaks when needed and giving eyes a break from screens