Student Opinions: Friendships and Relationships

Student Opinions: Friendships and Relationships

Two students, ages 14 and 16, answered some questions for us about what they think of friendships and relationships.

What does the term “healthy relationship” mean to you?

14-year-old: It means a relationship in which both people are happy, comfortable, and are bettering themselves throughout the relationship.
16-year-old: The term healthy relationship means a stable, equal on both sides and loving bond between two people, to me.

What traits are most important to you in a friendship?

14: I look for the traits I have and I would also look for someone who is caring with some humor.
16: Honesty, communication, open-mindedness, effort

What advice would you give your younger self about friendships and dating relationships?

14: I would tell myself to avoid giving relationships where you aren’t even friends, you're just a tool for a person.
16: Please be yourself and don't force anything, always be cautious because some people really don't want the best for you, and remember that people come and go.

Who can you go to for support if you need to talk to someone?

14: I could go to my family.
16: My online friends

Are there any resources in the community that you know about?

14: There are none that I know of.
16: Not that I know of.

Can you find support at school? Where?

14: I can find support at school in the school counselor's office.
16: In the counselor's office, but many say that it’s no help