The latest in our youth violence prevention movement:

As we wrap up Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week, think about what healthy traits look like in your relationships.

One of our volunteers shares a story and some tips about making friends online.

Make sure you know what stalking can look like, and how to keep yourself safe online.

What's important to think about during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month?

Get details about our contest, newsletter, and how you can engage with us further!

Inequities within our communities can affect relationship violence and resources.

One of our volunteers reminds us that change is inevitable and reminds us how to deal with that.

Our MVP Intern lists some warning signs of unhealthy patterns in dating relationships.

One of our MVP volunteers tells us briefly about Manga and Manhwa.

One of our MVP volunteers discusses holiday treats, food guilt, and healthy resolutions.

Our Movement for Violence Prevention Intern reminds us of the importance of respecting our own boundaries and how to set boundaries during the holidays.

Student contributor Kate M. created a guide for dealing with stress as a student during a pandemic.

We all have someone in our life who may experience anxiety, especially during this challenging time – check out our guide on how to support our friends.

A college student shares their recent experience with self-discovery.

We share the third piece in our series by poet Cirea Holliday.

Young poet Cirea shares her thoughts and feelings on a relationship through poetry

One of our Movement for Violence Prevention team volunteers offers tips about answering questions and talking to kids in your life about race.

One of our Movement for Violence Prevention team volunteers shares her ideas and tips about being on your own.

We’re staying connected with you virtually – let us know how we’re doing!

So many of you are supporting our programs virtually and remotely – thank you!

Gender stereotypes can affect our daily, including our relationships and even how we experience violence. One of our summer interns shares an example of seeing this play out in real life.

One of our student contributors talks about frustrations with sharing your story, and the importance of self-belief.

Girl Scout Troop 14706 launches their Silver Award project in partnership with Tubman!

A local Girl Scout troop introduces themselves in anticipation of a program their launching next week!

One of Tubman's Resource Counseling Advocates wanted to share their experiences volunteering at Tubman.