Student Opinions: Isolation During COVID-19

Student Opinions: Isolation During COVID-19

Two students, ages 14 and 16, answered some questions for us about what they have thought about isolation during COVID-19 pandemic so far.

What was the hardest thing about social isolation for you?

14-year old: The hardest part was continuing relationships with friends outside of school.
16-year old: Not getting fresh air and being with family for so long.

Were there any parts of social isolation that you did enjoy?

14-year old: I enjoyed being able to take a break from things.
16-year old: Yes, I did enjoy sleeping in.

What is something you learned during lockdown?

14-year old: I learned about the different types of abuse and violence.
16-year old: Nothing really, my productivity was at an all-time low.

What did you do for fun during lockdown?

14-year old: The things I did for fun were bike riding and streaming Netflix.
16-year old: I watched a bunch of anime.

Was technology helpful to you?

14-year old: It was extremely helpful.
16-year old: Yes, but at the same time I was mentally hurting myself by comparing others quarantine lifestyles and new hobbies to my lack of productivity.

Did you find it challenging to keep up with school work and other obligations during lockdown?

14-year old: No, in fact I found it easier than when I was actually in school.
16-year old: Very, I felt myself being drained and constantly caught myself procrastinating until the last minute. Even to this day procrastination during this lockdown is at an all-time high.