Violence Prevention Education Updates

Our education team has been spending the last year connecting with schools and students virtually by joining classes and creating videos and remote lessons. While we miss seeing you in person, we want you to know about the kinds of things we cover in classes, and what students get out of it. All of the quotes below are from local high school students who have connected with us virtually during the 2020-2021 school year so far.


What is something you’ve learned?

“One thing that I learned from this is that I never knew how much stuff would be categorized into the topics of abuse. I learned how like even stalking and mind games can affect someone’s emotional heath whereas I thought it was just someone hurting their feelings. That was very interesting and cool to learn about. Abuse as such a wide variety of actions within the topics that I never knew about.”

“Lots of people go through similar stuff whether you know it or not.”

“Verbal and emotional abuse are the two most common types or abuse mostly because it is easier to get away with and sometimes people don't even realize that they are doing it.”

“One example of unintentional violence is when your emotions get the best of you and sometimes you say things you don´t mean when you are mad or trying to express yourself, the words that you say can be hurtful.”


Why do you think these topics are important to cover in school?

“These strategies are important and should be used for any type of relationship not just an intimate relationship.”

“When most people think about relationships, they think about it always as a romantic relationship. But there are all different kinds of relationships.”


What is something you hope we return to talk about?

“I would like to learn more about manipulation and what to do when someone is trying to manipulate you into a romantic relationship.”

“I would like to learn more about catcalling and what the correct response is to someone who catcalls you in any type of environment.”

“What happens if your own family member is verbally and emotionally abusing you or another family member?”