Feeling Good - Student Perspective

We continue our student perspective series with focusing on things we do to make ourselves feel good. Whether that’s taking care of our body, mind, emotions, or living space, it can be really helpful to have habits that make us feel good.

One of our student leaders offers this up:

When I go on a walk it serves many purposes. It is a coping mechanism because it gives me some alone time. It gives me time to think about what has happened recently and what I could have done better. It helps me see more clearly when no one is around and I am not influenced by anything. Walks also are good exercise. The more you use your legs the stronger they get meaning that if you go on walks your joints and leg muscles do better.

Another benefit to walking is that you can use that time to do whatever suits you. You can listen to a podcast you can listen to a lecture you missed or just reflect on things. The good thing about no one being around you is that you can look at a situation with a clear head. When you are in the middle of an argument and your emotions flare up whether it be pride, anger, resentment, or anything else you are less logical. But if you can look at the situation from another perspective then you can see what you said to fan the flames and how you could have resolved the situation better. This part helped a lot especially since CPVOD-19 hit – I have spent a lot of time in my house so these walks were literally and metaphorically a breath of fresh air.