Back to School

We wanted to mention some reminders as we head back to school this year. For many of us school can be a source of anxiety and stress, whether that be for academic reasons, social pressures, being busy with activities, managing homework, or all of the above! But we know that this year may have some additional stressors due to heading back into full classes after having spent the last year living through a pandemic.

You may be thinking about your health, realizing that socializing may feel stressful, or maybe you’re even looking forward to getting back to something you’re used to! No matter how you’re feeling, we wanted to remind you about some important things to think about this school year.

What’s Important to You
Some people really care about grades, some people are passionate about the sports they play, some people love being on stage – whatever it is that brings you joy, you deserve it! Make sure to spend some time engaging in what you love.

Advocate for Yourself
This can be hard to do, especially as a young person. We know that many people in your lives (yourself included) may place pressures on you to achieve certain goals or participate in certain activities. Learning to stand up for yourself now is a great tool to have for the rest of your life. Let us know if you’d like any support in that by EMAILING US.

Meaningful Connections
No matter how busy you get, it’s important to feel supported and cared about. You can make sure you have a support network by reaching out to people you trust when you need to talk or would like someone to spend time with you.

Your emotions and mental health matter just as much (we believe MORE) than your homework or grades. Your wellbeing is important. Find out how you’re doing with your self-care by taking this short QUIZ.

Have Fun
You’ll be working hard this year, but remember that you deserve time to have fun and relax too.