From Cozy to Cornered: The Dangers of Cuffing Season

*Cuffing Season is when people rush into relationships during the cold winter months when they normally wouldn’t

It’s fall and as we all know, as the temperature drops the want to have a partner to keep warm rises in dating culture. Don’t get us wrong, cuffing doesn’t have to be a bad thing: Fall/winter relationships are beautiful and can keep us cozy and safe if we build a healthy foundation. The danger, however, lives in the rush to cuff- the race to find a relationship before the snow hits the ground and the seasonal depression kicks in.

When we rush in too fast solely for the purpose of having a partner we tend to overlook the red flags and boundary setting that is necessary to thrive in a relationship. The risk of co-dependency and trapping ourselves in an unhealthy relationship can be considerably higher when we are experiencing stressful holidays, the bitter cold, and the long dark nights that Minnesota throws at us, and we seek supplemental happiness in another person. What does this mean? Well, it means that cuffing season isn’t always all the rave and you can take your time starting a relationship for the right reasons when you feel happy and whole all on your own!

If you do find yourself snuggled up with a boo this snowy season, make sure you take the time to set your boundaries, still make time for yourself, and give yourself space to reflect on your relationship and end it if things get unhealthy or unsafe. It is always good to make sure you have a support system outside of a partner to balance where your love is coming from in case a breakup comes when all the ice melts. Stay safe and have fun!