How to Show You Care in a Healthy Way

With Valentine's day not far behind us, love is still in the air. New romances are beginning, and more established ones are being tested. In this time of year, when emotions are running high, it's important to discuss making sure these relationships remain healthy for both parties involved. With that in mind, this article will discuss a few tips to show you're partner you care, in a healthy way.

Take care of yourself. This one may seem anti-climactic, but one of the best ways to encourage a healthy relationship is to make sure you are healthy. Make sure you have space in your relationship for self-care, both with, and without your partner. Also, make sure your partner has time for themf as well. Let them know that it's okay for either of you to spend a quiet night in, or an evening with friends, without feeling guilty about missing time together.

Communicate openly, and respectfully. If something is bothering you about your relationship, it can sometimes be tempting to sweep it under the rug, in order to make a relationship work. This is especially true if the relationship is new, or the problem feels insignificant to you. But good communication is the foundation of any strong relationship, and a great way to show that you care about it. It's improqant to avoid letting problems simmer, but it's also important to handle them with respect. Remember that both your opinions and those of your partner are valid, and they would want the same respect from you if they had a disagreement to come forward with. It's just as important to communicate about the good things as it is to talk about the bad. Let your partner know when they do something you enjoy, or when you have an idea they might like. It might be sweet to start sending them a good morning text, or schedule a time to talk one night when you're not busy. No mater how you decide to make communication work, do it with respect for both of you.

Do small nice things. No need to break the bank with expensive presents and flowers, but try to find some small ways to show you care about your partner. Like I talked about earlier, checking in with a quick call or text is an awesome way to show you care. If they like music, take the time to send them a couple songs they might enjoy, or make them a cute playlist, so they can think about you while they listen. Try to find some local activities you can do together. Go for a walk in a nearby park, see a new movie on Netflix, or have a double-date with friends. I know from experience that the little things you do to show you care have a bigger impact than you realize for both you and them.

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