Learning Sustainable Self-Care This Week

As the season changes to spring and the Earth grows back and blooms again after the long winter, how can we focus on ourselves and look inwards to see how we can do the same? This spring time is the perfect time to practice sustainable self-care.

What is sustainable self-care? Well, we often hear people advise others to have a “self care day” or do something once in a while to take care of themselves. While it’s nice to have these conversations, isolated moments of self care aren’t enough to truly take care of ourselves; one activity or one reward to take a break every once in a while doesn’t combat the daily burnout and lifestyles that wear us down. Self-care should be built into our regular day-to-day lives, to make sure that everyday we are prioritizing our well being and doing what is best for us.

We are looking to sustain the acts that bring us joy in our everyday lives, to allow ourselves to seek calm moments without having to work for it. You deserve to take care of yourself without waiting for a bad day or event to happen. You deserve to take the rest that you need, and check in with yourself regularly to shape what your day can look like to make you feel more fulfilled. As the days get warmer and the sun shines longer try to take it all in and give yourself all that you need to bloom.