Meditation has a long history of being used focus the mind and body, and improve our overall well-being. It has a multitude of benefits including reducing stress, increasing attention and concentration, improving control over emotions, increasing compassion and empathy, and improving sleep. There is no wrong way to meditate; anything can be a form of meditation. 

Here are a few ways people meditate:

  • Silent Walking - A study was conducted and it was found that 2 minutes of silence can relieve tension in the brain and body. It improves concentration and listening ability.
  • Listening to Music - Find a song that is relaxing to you. Get into a comfortable position, start the music, and close your eyes. Try to focus only on the sound, and if you get distracted just refocus on the sound.
  • Deep Breathing - With your eyes closed, sit straight up and take slow, deep breaths. Listen to your breathing and exhale slowly after a few seconds.