Identifying an Unhealthy Friendship

It’s important to know when a friendship has some toxic or unhealthy traits. We’re going to highlight a few of those below.

Signs of an unhealthy friendship:

A friend who is jealous will say and do things that bring you down. They won’t celebrate your accomplishments with you.

A friend who is too needy will regularly ask you for things. They will use your friendship when they need something, but won’t always be there for you when you need support.

Disrespecting your boundaries
A friend who doesn’t respect your boundaries will invade your space, and continue to after you show them or tell them that you don’t like that. They may go through your things, or take or borrow things from you without asking.


Do you know what to do when you see these signs from a friend, peer, or partner? We have some ideas below.


You can tell your friend about your boundaries. If they cross your boundaries let them know and ask them to apologize. If they do anything to make you uncomfortable, tell them. If you don’t want to pursue a friendship, don’t be afraid to leave. Remember to maintain the healthy friendships that you do have.

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