Relationships & Reality TV: Observations on Love Island

Many of us have either watched reality TV, or at least been exposed to an episode, or a scene, here and there. A lot of us have opinions about it as well! While we’re not here to determine if anything is “bad” or “good,” we do love to use television, especially reality TV, as a starting point for discussions about healthy, unhealthy, and even toxic behaviors.

One of our interns watched some Love Island. Here are some of her opinions:

What I’ve noticed in Love Island is that people are mostly peer pressured by friends, not the cameras. They seem to forget cameras are recording most times. What I’ve also noticed is since they live with each other with no outside contact, people tend to sort of rush their problems rather than talk about it. I think emotions are heightened in there, since they’re always around each other. I also think since cameras are rolling all the time, it’s easy to forget they’re on TV.

It’s important to remember that reality TV is not actual reality. While the people involved are real people, who often have to live with the consequences of decisions and actions from the tv show they’re on, the situations or interactions can also have fictional elements to them. Things to keep in mind while watching reality TV:

  • How do the cameras affect the way people act?
  • Are producers encouraging certain behaviors?
  • Are the participants given time to process emotions and talk with someone supportive?
  • What added pressures are these people experiencing given that they are being filmed and may even be trying to win a prize?

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