Self Care Reminders

As the fall weather concludes and the winter months begin, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself and support your physical and mental health. Sometimes self-care can seem difficult or maybe even selfish at times, but ultimately it helps to lower your stress, increase your energy, and decrease your risk of illness.

Self-care can look different for everyone, and no matter how big or small the self-care task might seem, they all can be beneficial. Below are some examples of self-care activities that local students and MVP staff use to care for themselves:

  • Listen to music!
  • Meet up with friends/family and talk about how you’re feeling or do an activity with them that improves your mood.
  • Take a nap or sleep! Pro-tip, try to spend some time before bed without looking at your computer or phone, this can prepare our bodies for bed and help us fall asleep faster.
  • Go for a walk or spend some time outdoors, it can help us feel refreshed and renewed.

Sometimes self-care can be hard, especially when it involves us saying “no” to other people or plans. Remember, saying no to something or someone when you need it can help you be more present and feel well in the future!