Pride 2024

It's still June so it's still LGBTQ+ pride month! The month is a time to focus on uplifting LGBTQ+ people and continuing to fight for equality and acceptance. 

In honor of Pride, there are many local events and celebrations throughout the month. Check out our (abbreviated) list of Pride events on the next slide and be sure to comment any other events you know about!

Meet at Mia: Pride (June 27th in the afternoon:) This event will take place in the park outside of the MIA museum and will have food, art activities, drag performances, live music, and short film screenings. 

Twin Cities Pride Youth Night (June 28th @ 5:30pm in Loring Park :) A new event for young people aged 10-20 which will have free food, photo booths, a DJ, and a youth drag competition. 

Twin Cities Pride Parade (June 30th @11am:) The parade will begin at 3rd and Hennepin and end near Loring Park. The parade is one of the biggest Pride events and regularly draws more than 100,000 people. This year's theme is“Show Your Colors 365” and is focused on championing LGBTQ+ joy and visibility. 

To learn more about other Pride events check HERE and HERE