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Relationship Violence Intervention Program

The Relationship Violence Intervention Program (formerly known as the Holistic Abuse Prevention Program) is a 21-week program for people who have behaved abusively in relationships. It is designed to provide participants with options for responding to trauma and intense emotions in relationships. The program focuses on teaching about the impact of trauma, what it looks like, how it shows up in symptoms and behaviors, and how it impacts decisions and impulses on how to respond to experiences in the world. Participants learn about relationships, communication strategies and styles, and skills to regulate emotions and interactions so they can reduce or avoid escalating violence when in conflict.

Individuals can refer themselves or be referred by court, probation, child protection, or another agency. Groups are divided by gender. Day and evening times are available for the men’s groups. Meetings may occur at Tubman Chrysalis Center or off-site. Call 612.870.2426 for more information about hours, fees, or to ask any other questions about the program.