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Community Issues & Advocacy

Advocacy to create change in the broader community

Together, along with our community partners and statewide coalitions, we can shape policy to create broader systems change. 

Tubman has long been active in public policy and systems change to build awareness, break down barriers, motivate changes in laws, raise consciousness, clarify root causes of violence, and help our community recognize the broad implications of violence.

Our vision is "thriving people, healthy relationships, peaceful communities." We recognize the wide impact of violence and trauma on many connected policy issues, and work to build stronger support systems for the people we serve. Tubman staff, volunteers, clients, and supporters have actively engaged on issues including legal systems and restorative justice, preventing gun violence, homelessness and the need for affordable housing, opportunities for youth, healthcare, and more. 

To get involved, check back for future information on Tubman's work during the legislative session, or consider supporting these partners and coalitions: