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Our Process

How to become a volunteer or intern at Tubman

The following are the usual steps taken to bringing on individual volunteers and interns at Tubman.

  1. Have a conversation with a team member

    After an application is submitted, a member of the Intern and Volunteer Team will reach out to set up a phone conversation where we get to know more about the applicant!

  2. Face-to-face interview

    We require face-to-face interviews for all volunteer and internship positions. Exceptions may be made for Skype/WhatsApp/Facetime interviews if an applicant is unavailable to come into Tubman.

  3. Reference checks and criminal background check

    After the face-to-face interview, if or before a position offer is made, the Intern and Volunteer team require reference checks and a criminal background check before prospective volunteers and interns begin training and their service.

    There is a section on the application to provide three (or more) references. References should NOT be immediate or extended family members or significant others/partners.
    Good references to list:

    • former/current supervisors
    • professors/teachers
    • coworkers
    • friends who have known you for more than 6 months.

    Criminal background checks are required for all positions for applicants 18 years old and older at the time of applying. Tubman acknowledges that having criminal charges are a barrier to many, and to minimize that barrier, we review the results on a case-by-case basis. If applicants are financially able, we do ask for a voluntary contribution of $20 at the beginning of training to cover the cost of the background check.

    If there are questions about the criminal background check or reference process, please call 612.825.3333.

  4. Paperwork

    We require the following forms to be returned for all volunteers and interns before the beginning of training:
    Criminal background check authorization, Emergency medical information, Volunteer/Intern Handbook.

    Supplementary paperwork will be given dependent upon position. If positions require driving Tubman vehicles, we would also ask for copies of a valid driver's license and auto insurance, and will provide authorization forms for a driving background check.

  5. Most volunteers and interns are required to attend Tubman's five-part orientation and training series before beginning their service. The training series is offered three times a year - January, May, and August/September.

    Not all positions require the full five parts to be attended, but everyone is welcome to attend all. Click the "Orientation and training" title or the "Training" tab on the side to view the current and upcoming training schedules. Site orientations and shadow-shifts are scheduled between the site supervisor and the volunteer/intern.

    For questions about the orientation and training series, please call 612.767.6680.

  6. After these steps are complete, you're ready to begin!